25 May 2017

Hamish gets very possessive about his sand hole digging...

He may look cute and orange
but he can be a little



18 May 2017

Had another lovely walk with mum and dad yesterday...

.....we were able to see along the length of the beach for one thing....
the day before had been like this along our coast

honestly, can you imagine not being able to see this...

and I did get into the sea

and a spot of digging with dad

Mum thought she was going to help me with this bit of digging,
but NO WAY, 

Oh Yes, it was a fun outing

16 May 2017

Oh no, not another rope swing

Every time dad finds a rope swing,
he has to have a go on it
but he

(notice how he sneaks a go on the rope whilst I'm in mid-pee)

13 May 2017

River walk to Heddons Mouth

I really enjoy this walk, and it turns out that Hamish loves it too -
in fact dad had trouble keeping him out of the river

Can you see me peeping?

12 May 2017

So why should I stay on the path....

....when I can try to drag down the side of the cliff

Ahhh, back on terra firma.

That was a good walk.

11 May 2017

I felt a bit like a Pioneer standing with this statue

Dad thought it was hilarious,
he reckoned I looked like I belonged with them

.....Humphhh, not sure how to take that.

(mum thought you would like to know that this is in Portsmouth -
dedicated to the emigrants who went to America
- there is also a little boy on the other side, but difficult to see from the pic)

9 May 2017

I've been fishing

.... at least I THINK this was a fish

Ummm, still not sure about it!

2 May 2017

Oh deer

I was very brave, but felt a bit outnumbered!

29 Apr 2017

I'm not a tree hugger, but so easily could be





Dad is definitely a tree hugger, so thought I would join him on this fallen tree







Well done Dad, now we are both tree huggers.

26 Apr 2017

There I was

Having a nice wander

When I saw I was in the frame as it were - my answer was....


Yes, ignore them.

But I couldn't resist a quick peep.

21 Apr 2017

You'd think dad would Stop for me...

Mum and Dad took me to Arlington Court today....Mum was busy painting.  Then dad offered to drive the Visitors Transport Buggy, just whilst the 'driver for the day' had his lunch.  Trouble was, that didn't include me...ME!....I thought he could at least have given me a ride in it.  Instead, I had to stay with mum, who took a break from her painting to hold me (well, that didn't hurt her, she was waiting for paint to dry at the time)...

19 Apr 2017

I love playing in the garden....

especially when Hamish visits

and I show him how to catch the tennis ball,
if only he would pay attention

don't worry, he'll get the hang of it

Yay, that's more like it

There, I can tell he's impressed

That was all very exhausting

(photos were taken by Hamish's mum Lil -
she's good at photos isn't she)

📸 📸 📸

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