28 Aug 2016


We had a visitor over this Bank holiday weekend, a friend of little Hamish came to see us with Auntie.  (Auntie has been looking after, Mr. Smith for his owners, who are on holiday).  Nice that
Mr. Smith got a little holiday too.  He loves the seaside.  Auntie took a ton of photos (some already on Facebook), but mum knows that not everyone does Facebook and thought she would add the pics for you here.

As there are a lot of them, I will say no more and leave you to scroll down to see the fun we had...

26 Aug 2016

Good Morning

A quick dip to start the day

24 Aug 2016

18 Aug 2016

Nice walk shame about the company

There's one thing I enjoy about a nice walk, and that is I get a nice fresh drink ... In the stream.

Now can it please be noted that I am polite and a complete gentleman when I take my drink from the EDGE of the stream...


the small tangerine terror simply shows me up and Stands IN THE STREAM for his drink. 

For goodness sakes, I cannot take him anywhere!

12 Aug 2016

Walk by the river

Or in my case, it's a "Sit Down and Have a Rest After a Loooong Walk by the River"!

take a look at the picture above to where the river disappears.....that's where I had walked from with dad...phew! no wonder I need a rest.

7 Aug 2016

6 Aug 2016

That feather issue again....

....will he ever learn!

4 Aug 2016

I'm still waiting for a trip out in Uncle's van

I would make a good, Van Man's Sidekick wouldn't I.

3 Aug 2016

We had a lovely walk the other evening...

way....way...way....UP A HILL....a very big hill -

 Dad and me got there first and waited for mum....

You have to agree though,

It was worth the walk.


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