8 Nov 2016

Dad thinks he's in charge

Ha...he tried to get me to sit on this seat, so I played along to start with...

There, see Dad I can sit when you tell me to...

But I'm not going to look at you...

Well, I might peep...

Dad thinks he's training me - Ha! from


  1. That's right William, do what you want to do and not what Dad wants you to do LOL

  2. I see dad is trained perfectly! LOLOL!!!

  3. The humans always think they're in charge!

  4. Snort! Dad seemed a bit cross with you! ;)

  5. Glad you liked seeing this everyone...my proof that I have to Sit when I'm told - or so they think - Ha! I have my own agenda on these things.....😆❤️william


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