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20 Dec 2015

Late afternoon walk

Everyone seemed to have gone home except for me and dad....I'm not complaining, I really enjoyed

the beach to ourselves....

18 Dec 2015

A gift from mum for you this Festive / Holiday time

Mum has made a


for all those out there

who would like to waste a bit of time.

Best of all

mum has featured me and Hamish.

17 Dec 2015

Looking over the bridge

"hey mum...can you see me"!

15 Dec 2015


Look - mum has made a Calendar for 2016 - You can download these in pdf. for Free by clicking on the Links.  A different picture of ME for each month...YAY! 

See them in my Header Tab : Calendar for 2016 : Free PDF Downloads  (or click here)

Hope you will enjoy these during 2016
♥ William



14 Dec 2015

You know I love to investigate the latest unusual object on the beach needed my attention

7 Dec 2015

When mum mentioned playing with the tennis ball

I was all ears and attention


 Got it!

2 Dec 2015

Playing up

Mum said "look at the camera".  Mum should know I wouldn't