19 Aug 2017


Auntie arrived with Hamish and another little spaniel, who incidentally has been here before, and Auntie is looking after him for a week or so whilst his family enjoy a holiday.

So what do you do with visitors?







although, I have to say that the little house guest
took on an eerie look,
perhaps we could find a horror movie for him to watch!

17 Aug 2017

Okay, all is forgiven

Mum has redeemed herself by adding this photo which shows clearly that I DO NOT HAVE A PLANT SPROUTING OUT OF MY HEAD.  ALTHOUGH, I wouldn't look at her, can you blame me!

16 Aug 2017

I had a lovely walk with dad at Crow point...

Then we stopped for a rest, but mum said it looked as though I had a plant sprouting out of my

head.   Humph....as if, just her bad photography.

and why does it look as though I'm smoking a red pipe, or is it a red whistle.

For goodness sakes mum, you need to have picture taking lessons!

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