18 May 2017

Had another lovely walk with mum and dad yesterday...

.....we were able to see along the length of the beach for one thing....
the day before had been like this along our coast

honestly, can you imagine not being able to see this...

and I did get into the sea

and a spot of digging with dad

Mum thought she was going to help me with this bit of digging,
but NO WAY, 

Oh Yes, it was a fun outing

16 May 2017

Oh no, not another rope swing

Every time dad finds a rope swing,
he has to have a go on it
but he

(notice how he sneaks a go on the rope whilst I'm in mid-pee)

13 May 2017

River walk to Heddons Mouth

I really enjoy this walk, and it turns out that Hamish loves it too -
in fact dad had trouble keeping him out of the river

Can you see me peeping?

12 May 2017

So why should I stay on the path....

....when I can try to drag down the side of the cliff

Ahhh, back on terra firma.

That was a good walk.

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